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Downey's Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA.
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Reviewed by Meredith Unger.

I had the worst dining experience of my life recently at Downey's. We ordered the lobster specials and the lobster was so overcooked it was too chewy to eat. Our server was rude and neglectful. He never brought us bread or refilled our drinks even after we asked for it two times and we never received the potato or corn that was supposed to come with the meal. When we complained to the server, manager and owner they were unaccommodating and unapologetic.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by BC.

Great time. Went there with a group of 12 people and not 1 complaint. Try some of Downey's alcohol filled cakes, they are delicious!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by DCM.

I recently had the joy of eating Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch at Downey's...I thoroughly enjoyed the food from the soup to omelet on Sunday was cooked to perfection... the servers were very attentive and friendly..Jack Downey was thoroughly entertaining as he sang with the Saturday evening performer...all in all, it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this establishment.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by johna.

I used to purchase your chocolate champagne cake at Marshall's and TJ Maxx every year and they aren't carrying them this year..could you send me some information on prices and shipping of the chocolate champagne cake...they are awesome...thank you

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Janet Orant.

Been there 2 X. First time food was lousy swore I'd never go back. Went to see The Peace Creeps the owner canceled the show as the band setting up for show, so since I was there to see them, I'll never go again. Telling all my friends to follow suit.

Rating: 1

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