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Deli Restaurant - State_College, PA.
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Reviewed by E. Shiffler.

I love this restaurant. Whenever I'm in S.C. I try to get there for lunch or dinner. Excellent appetizers and deli sandwiches (for Veg-heads too)!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Rocco Tucci.

I have given this restaurant numerous chances to get my meal in a timely and correct fashion. Needless to say...they have continued to fail. State College can do better.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Although food was good, we waited for an extremely long time. Also observed manager treating wait staff in a shoddy manner.

Rating: 2

Reviewed by S. K..

I LOVE this restaurant, they have wonderful atmosphere (ask to be served in the atrium!) and the desserts are wonderful, especially the Killer Cookie and their Chocolate Chip Cheesecake! LOVE IT The service is very slow, though. Try to go during the weekday.

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Not a place to go on football weekends. Good for week day lunch. Food quality varies with crowd.

Rating: 3

Reviewed by Anonymous.

I do not understand why people love this place so much...the appetizers are horrible and the meals are just ok. Nothing to go crazy over.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by julie.

I LOVE THE DELI!!! They have a huge variety of menu choices... almost too many to pick from! Their White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake is the best dessert I have ever had. I also love their fried calamari with garlic butter pesto. If I had to wait in line for 2 hours to eat there, I WOULD. The service and food are WELL worth the time.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by anonymous employee.

I get a 50 percent discount and I still wouldn't eat there. Most disgusting, over-rated restaurant in central PA.

Rating: 1

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