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Green Gables Restaurant - Jennerstown, PA.
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Reviewed by Anonymous.

The portions were small, and the menu was ala carte, so expensive too. Our salads and dinners were incredibly small. Either one would be unsuitable for an appetizer. We will not return.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Anonymous.

We recently visited Green Gables Restaurant. My husband and I wanted to experience the new chef’s cuisine. The restaurant is divine, the food, and wine incredible. The negative part was the staff; our server did not know the menus or the wines. The front desk manager welcomed us; he was abrupt and false. He does not have a good manner with guests of the restaurant. They need to have staff that knows how to treat their customer and knowledge of the product they are offering to the public.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Lynn.

I attended my friends wedding in 2006; this restaurant was the pits! They advertised as an upscale establishment, the food is no better than the local Church Hall. The service, was the worst I have experienced, the servers don't have any training. There is no air-conditioning in the building. They have about six fans on stands located about the room. They charge gratuity of 21% most other venues charge 18%. The cost of an alcoholic beverage, you would need to take out a mortgage.

Rating: 1

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