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Joseph Ambler Inn - North_Wales, PA.
Lowest Rating: 3
Highest Rating: 5

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Reviewed by Kirk McMahon.

When we arrived we were seated promptly. We were seated and then never saw a waitress of our own. There were six tables in the room. Several servers came and went to the different tables, but none to ours. As we were departing, the maitre 'd stopped and queried about our meal, as we relayed the tale he was extremely apologetic, and then went to the office and returned with a gift certificate for us. We will return in the future because of the way the situation was handled.

Rating: 3

Reviewed by Julia.

New to the area we were looking for something different. The Joseph Ambler Inn had exactly what we were looking for. Beautiful Country Inn setting - incredible food and outstanding service. Prices were reasonable for upscale dining. We have found "our" place.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Francesca.

Beautiful atmosphere! Excellent service, wonderful food. The guestrooms are exquisite!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Kirk McMahon.

Keeping my word, we did return. Service this time was amazing, as I expected, and the food was well beyond that! We have actually been back several times since my last post and have really enjoyed ourselves!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Bruce Kinnery.

Outstanding food - always on the mark. The service is always 5-star. We have dined there on at least a dozen occasions and have never been disappointed.

Rating: 5

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