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Bird-In-Hand Family Restaurant - Bird_In_Hand, PA.
Lowest Rating: 2
Highest Rating: 5

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Reviewed by Gary.

For old fashion family food it is hard to beat this one!

Rating: 4

Reviewed by K Mentzer.

Good homestyle cooking. Foods like mother used to make and rarely found on other restaurant menus. Very tasty. Genuine mashed potatoes. Very reasonable prices. We have been going there for years.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Kelli.

Our favorite place to eat when we are doing the Lancaster outlets!! Great food with a "home cooked" taste....lots of choices....and wonderful desserts!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Shani Smoak.

The oven-fried chicken was finger-licking good. The rolls had you dying for some more. The ice cream was slamming.

Rating: 2

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Very good service. Lots of locals eat here. The chicken pot pie is wonderful!

Rating: 4

Reviewed by ROBERT L. JESTER.

Great place to eat our family travels 30 miles each way thats how much we like the place. Their chicken corn soup is my favorite. My wife is the fried chicken and shredded turkey, our child is corn nuggets.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Amanda.

Excellent food to fill you up. I love the atmoshere and great homestyle taste.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by annemarie.

Been going here for years....and the whole family loves always great as well as the service...even better now w/the expansion...much shorter wait!!!! Trip wouldn't be complete without meals at bird in hand.

Rating: 4

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