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Cafe 214 - Camp_Hill, PA.
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Reviewed by Anonymous.

I get a sinking feeling that the "lunch specials" are simply leftovers of what the owners had for dinner the night before. The Chicken Teriyaki is usually chicken, rice, potatoes, and whatever else is sitting around the owner's fridge, with no teriyaki seasoning. Although simply a lunch spot, even the presentation is poor, unless you're a big fan of having 3-5 carrot sticks on the side of each and every putrid meal. The fish sandwiches should come with a free stomach pump. Two thumbs down.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by food guru 211.

WORST! place I have eaten at, seen, smelled, or even looked at from a distance! Just plain out disgusting. It was the kind of place that made me want to go back into the kitchen and slap the cook! The bill was unbelievable. I didn't even leave a tip!

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Grams.

Sandwiches are great - a little pricey but fresh and good. Only place around to get fresh fruit - daily specials are also tasty.

Rating: 5

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