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Log Cabin - Lancaster, PA.
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Reviewed by MacDonald Stacks.

Best restaurant in Lancaster County for steaks and beef.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by T.J..

Truly the best place to eat in Lancaster County. Absolutely superb food and service. Expensive but worth every penny.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Barry Rupp.

Great service and a relaxed atmosphere. Great steaks, but a nice number of other selections as well.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by George Beck.

Simply the best in Lancaster County. This area is know for restaurants so this is a big statement. Excellent beef selections, terrific service, and worth every penny. I save this spot for extra special occasions.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Kim.

The service was terrible. My husband and I waited 45-50 minutes for our drinks. When the waitress arrived, we asked her "when will we be getting our drinks?" Her reply was "apparently you are not accustomed to fine dining." Naturally, our blood was boiling and dinner was ruined. Three hours later, we were finally able to leave our "fine dining" experience. By the way, we are very accustomed to dining in nice restaurants! We are just not accustomed to waiting an hour for a drink!

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Bob Reilley.

Without question, an outstanding restaurant. Excellent food, service and atmosphere. Is on my list of top 5 restaurants anywhere!!!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Jason Carlucci.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best place to have a steak or anything for that matter. The atmosphere was elegant which complimented the rustic appearance of the interior. The service was equally as impressive as the aforementioned. Even amenities that most would assume insignificant, proved to be noteworthy. The price would seem extravagant until you taste your first sample of your entree. Prima!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Anonymous.

We called for reservations for our anniversary, asked for quiet table, they sat us next to an office party and the wait stand. It used to be quite nice but since our favorite is gone we have been disappointed on every occasion in the past 2 years. We will not be returning any time soon. Try Carr's for better food & Lily's for food and wine list.

Rating: 2

Reviewed by Nick Lanciano.

Serious drop-off in quality over the past few years since attaining best restaurant status. Menu severely lacks options, smug attendees. I'll stay at the Horse Inn and the Accomac from now on.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Alexander Miller.

Service was exceptional, however it was an anniversary and I made arrangements ahead of time for the bill to be taken care of and yet it was still brought to the table, disappointing for the moment. Also, menu was limited although choices were excellent.

Rating: 3

Reviewed by kate paul.

Very attentative servers. Kept our water glasses filled. Excellent food. Will return!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by michael.

Wonderful dinner for everyone, great service: wonderful soups, great entrees, good deserts.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Not good at all. It doesn't deserve all the hype it gets.

Rating: 1

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