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Olive Garden - Mechanicsburg, PA.
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Reviewed by Doug.

The food is fantastic, but the wait is ridiculous. They need to open up another one in Camp Hill to distribute the diners.

Rating: 3

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Service was bad, food came out cold and we were charged for items that were not brought out to the table. Very bad experience.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by CD.

I've always been pleased with Olive Garden. Best Italian food in CennPenn? No, but consistently good. Wait staff is normally pretty good. A long wait on Friday and Saturday nights, but there are 5 other nights in the week!

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Denise.

I've never had the pleasure of eating evening meals at this establishment. It's always been so crowded so I went somewhere else. I have eaten there at lunch and find that the food is always wonderful. I've not had any dish that I could complain about. The staff is always accommodating since when I do have lunch there, it is usually for a party of 25 or more. I would recommend this place, but trust me, don't go on Friday and Saturday night. The wait is long.

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Had lunch there on 12 Sept. Flies everywhere. Asked the manager about all the flies he said " We don't know what to do about them." CLOSE THE PLACE DOWN UNTIL YOU GET RID OF THEM!!! Seats were not clean. Very bad. I will not go back....

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Mike.

Although there is often a waiting period, the bar is open and their atmosphere is wonderful. The food is excellent and the service is also good. Don't let the wait deter you from a excellent dinner. "Try it - You'll love it"

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Neil.

You want Italian? It's not here. The closest it comes to is Celantano in your grocer's freezer. As a fact, sometimes it comes out from the kitchen 1/2 frozen. (Last Experience there) You may find many people at the Olive Garden, but I'll bet they're not Italian, just family.

Rating: 1

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