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Ironwoods Restaurant - York, PA.
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Reviewed by Danette Magee.

This atmosphere is excellent at Windows on the Green. The food is absolutely terrific! I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Earl Roberts.

The atmosphere is fantastic. Beautiful view of the golf course. Just a great location and that's it. Service was almost non-existent. Food took a noticeably long time and when it did arrive, it wasn't worth coming back for. For the price you pay, Windows doesn't live up to its potential.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Peter.

I have been enjoying the Heritage Hills experience for a while, they have a great view and setup, but within the last 6 months things have been going down hill and I have stopped going. Menu has changed, they took all the good things off.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by Anonymous.

This WAS our favorite restaurant for Sunday Brunch, but we were very disappointed this week. The menu has changed, nothing was labeled, and with an allergy to seafood, I was afraid to try the hot entrees because you didn't know what it was. I hope it goes back to the old menu and service.

Rating: 2

Reviewed by S.Hockensmith.

We have been going to your brunch for Valentine's Day for years and with the recent change in menu we will be finding an alternative restaurant to celebrate the occasion next year. The quality of the new menu was not as good as the old brunch.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by jnkp.

Went 2/05. New chef. Excellent service and food.

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Kathy.

This restaurant is now called Ironwoods. We went tonite for the first time. This dining experience was incredible. We could not have asked for a better restaurant. The food presentation looked like something out of a magazine. The quality and quantity of food was excellent.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Anonymous.

Recently went with friends for dinner. Waitress seemed pushy and inattentive. The kitchen somehow confused 'filet mignon' with 'lobster tail', causing my food to not come out until everyone else was finished with their entrees. They then tried to charge me for both the steak I ordered and the lobster tail that they wrongly made and I never ate. Will never go back again.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by kim.

The service was great, food was outstanding! We will definitely be going back.

Rating: 5

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