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Nifty Fifty's - Bensalem, PA.
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Reviewed by Elena.

Great new Nifty Fifty's near my home. Its game room is terrific for my kids and the breakfasts there beat any on the strip. Low prices. I recommend it to any one.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by Forrest Barnes.

Always a highlight of our visit to the area. All of the shops are great. Love the shakes & fries. Great concept. Keep up the great work.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by stephen t..

Best shake, onion rings & f/f i ever had. The crab cake is the best anywhere. Service is real good too. I will be a repeat customer.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by jamie leafey.

I had a chili cheese dog and a chilli cheese fries; it was the best food I have ever eaten in my life.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by frankbarbannie.

Milkshakes not made with real ice cream.

Rating: 1

Reviewed by cindi.

Baby Ruth milkshake is a "must-try"!!

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Joel and Stephanie.

AWESOME!!!! We love this place and come back everytime we're "home." We love the spicy cheese nuggets! Great atmosphere and service!!

Rating: 5

Reviewed by J.J the Jet Plain.

I've tasted many a milkshake in my day, but not any like this before, I fell in love, and her name is Nifty.

Rating: 5

Reviewed by James.

What a rip-off. This is the place to go for tiny, overcooked and dried-out burgers. A terrific restaurant if you are in the mood for soggy french fries. Outstanding choice if you enjoy filthy floors, smelly bathrooms and flies everywhere!

Rating: 1

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