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Isaacs Restaurant & Deli - Strasburg, PA.
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Highest Rating: 5

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Reviewed by Jim Krewson.

The food is pretty good for the price, good casual place for a sandwich, but chock full of tourists in the summer. I recommend asking to be seated in the fake train car as the other dining room is bright pink and covered in flamingoes and neon.

Rating: 3

Reviewed by barbara williamson.

This deli is the best. Pretzel sandwiches are divine. Service was great. Try it.

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Ted Leach.

I have been going to this restaurant since it opened. The food is always good and the service is usually excellent. My only complaint (and what keeps it from getting 5 stars) is the that at today's visit (8/7/04) I saw that shoofly pie is no longer on the menu. I thought that the Lancaster County code called for all restaurants in Lancaster County to offer shoofly pie! They should be reported to the authorities. Bring back Shoofly Pie!

Rating: 4

Reviewed by Brandy Robinson & Glen Evans.

We like trying all the soups and sandwiches, all have been so good. The people are friendly and service you can't beat. We also like the art throughout the place, warm and fun.

Rating: 5

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